TCA Leadership

The TCA Board of Directors is comprised of TCA’s three Executive Officers and 12 State Directors who are elected to two-year terms.

TCA’s Executive Committee consists of the Executive Officers and four Department Coordinators appointed by the TCA President.

The TCA President also appoints Committee Chairs to head TCA’s state committees.

Executive Officers


Devin Pettiet, DC






Chad Carpenter, DC

Vice President





Mo Jahadi, DC






State Directors


Oliver (Tony) Smith III

District 1





Ryan Hill, DC

District 2





Jenna Hillman, DC

District 3





Steve Sanders, DC

 District 4





Andrea McDonald , DC

District 5





Tucker Woods, DC

District 6

Education & Events Committee Co-Chair




Ryan Bailey, DC

District 7





Jennifer Gardner McMorris, DC

District 8





Gregory Peter, DC

District 9

Financial Oversight & Budget Committee Chair




Josh Bonine, DC

District 10





Jose Simon, DC

District 11

Education & Events Committee Chair




Tom Hollingsworth, DC

District 12

Legal Affairs Committee Chair




Department Coordinators


Steve Van Osdale, DC

Internal Affairs 





Jeff Hogan, DC

External Affairs





Craig Benton, DC

Scientific Affairs





Todd Whitehead, DC

Governmental Affairs 





Daniel Gutierrez, DC






Committee Chairs


State Affairs Committee

Bill Lawson, DC





Membership Committee

 Alayna Pagnani-Gendron, DC





Public Relations/Communications Committee 

Benjamin Casey Quiroz, DC





Legislative Affairs Committee

Don White, DC





CDI Committee

Jeff Williams, DC





Insurance Relations Committee 

Amy Wood, DC