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Written by Nancy Ramos   
Friday, October 13, 2017 10:17 AM

October 1, 2018- September 30, 2019 (Online)
Topic:Coding & Documentation Module
(CE Hours Varies Check Website)
Course Description: This program will teach you cutting edge chiropractic documentation that will get you paid! This course covers everything from patient intake and consents to discharge forms. You will learn the proper use of assessment tools including pain diagrams and outcome assessments questionnaires and how to quantify examination data to prove medical necessity. The 7 part program will have special application for insurance, Medicare, personal injury and worker's compensation. Bullet proof your practice with this awesome chiropractic course while earning chiropractic CE credits!
Registration: Monte Horne, DC & Steven Yeoman, DC, FACCO || (972) 489-5236


October 1, 2018- September 30, 2019 (Online)
Topic:Pediatrics: Introduction to Chiropractic Pediatrics
(CE Hours Varies Check Website)
Course Description: Expand your practice with this dynamic course on chiropractic pediatrics! You will develop a pediatric specific examination protocol, apply EMG and thermography, and gather clinical pearls related to the treatment of pediatric patients. Dr. Wilson is a dynamic speaker who runs a very successful pediatric practice. Learn from the best while earning chiropractic CE credits!
Registration: T.D Wilson,DC & Heather Bryce, DC || (972) 489-5236


 October 1, 2018- September 30, 2019 (Online)
Topic: Evidence Based Practice 201: The Patient Evaluation
Course Description: This course explores the evidence of the patient evaluation from history though testing. Evidence Based Practice integrates the best evidence, clinician’s experience, with patient preference in clinical decision making. Evidence based practice is the application of the highest standards of care based on recent research. Evidence based practice will improve patient outcomes while decreasing recovery time. The presentation includes power point, videos, and handouts. Take your practice to the next level while earning chiropractic CEU!
Registration: Monte Horne, DC || (972) 489-5236


January 1, 2018- December 31, 2018
Stress & Strain (10 CE )

Unit I: Chemical Stress
● Harmful Ingredients in Foods & Beverages that Damage Health
● Toxic Additives, Preservatives & Chemicals Hiding in Plain Sight
● Combating the Aggressive Effects of Cancer
● How to Avoid Hazardous Personal Care & Household Products

Unit II: Nutrition & Wellness

● Comprehensive Nutrition and Detoxification Research
● Common Supplements & Herbs to Avoid
● Tips for Improving Heart Disease, Blood Pressure & Gut Health
● Diet & Fitness Facts
Registration: Thomas Bynes, DC | | (512) 786-0099


March 1,2018- February 28, 2019
Performing Impairment Ratings Using the AMA Guides-5th edition
(8  Online CE)
A professional course that instructs health care providers how to perform impairment ratings using the 5th Edition of The AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. At the end of the program, the registrant will understand theterminology associated with performing impairment ratings, the different chapters that apply to each organ system, alteration of motion segment integrity and the two different methods of performing impairment ratings.  We will compare the 4th, 5th and 6th Edition of the AMA Guides. Necessary documentation, impairment models, equipment needed to measure range of motion and sensation, using the AMA Guides, Combined Value charts, measuring x-rays, 9-view Davis series, diagnosing ligament laxity, digitizing x-rays
Registration: John Schmidt, DC | | (214) 965-0244


April 1, 2018- February 28, 2019
Topic: Radiology
In this course you will begin by examining normal anatomy and common interpretation mistakes. Next, you'll examine normal variants that are frequently confused with pathology. Additionally, you will thoroughly discuss conditions that are contraindications to the chiropractic adjustment/manipulation. Finally, the course will cover biomechanics and common pattern variations. Improve your chiropractic skill set expanding your value to your chiropractic practice while earning online chiropractic CE.
Registration: Sandra Norton, DC, DACBR & Wesley R. Duval, DC, DACBR|| (972) 489-5236


April 1, 2018- February 28, 2019
Topic: Case Studies
Case studies of the head.
Case studies discuss key historical data, examination findings, appropriate testing, and treatment. Treatment considerations include conservative measures and chiropractic intervention through invasive measures. Documentation and treatment pearls are introduced throughout the class. This chiropractic course includes video demonstrations as well as lecture material and down loadable handouts. Improve your chiropractic skill set while earning chiropractic CEU!
Registration: Monte Horne, DC & Heather Wright, DC, CCEP || (972) 489-5236


April 1, 2018- February 28, 2019
Topic: Sport Medicine
Expand your practice with the application of sports medicine to your chiropractic practice. This program will focus on conditions affecting the foot region. The program begins with an in-depth study of plantar fasciitis. Next you will examine the diagnosis and management of non-displaced stress fracture. The program discusses numerous applications of conservative management to the care of the injured athlete. With this program you will expand your chiropractic toolbox while earning chiropractic relicensing credits.
Registration: Dennis O’Hara, DC, DACBSP & Donald Ozello, DC || (972) 489-5236


April 1, 2018- February 28, 2019
Topic: Nutrition
Expand your practice and chiropractic tool box with this dynamic nutrition course! Learn to manage inflammatory conditions with proven nutritional agents. You will learn how to employ anti-inflammatory diets, supplements and herbs. Add additional services to your practice while earning chiropractic CEU! 
Registration: Howard Benedikt, DC, CCSP, DCBCN|| (972) 489-5236