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Legislative Update: Four Hearings and a Cloud of Dust!
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Monday, April 08, 2019 02:56 PM

Last week may have been one of the most eventful in TCA’s history! In all, four bills were heard by their respective House and Senate committees.

Early last week, TCA’s top priority, HB 2733 by Rep. Phil Stephenson (clarifying the role of nerves in chiropractic), was in jeopardy of not getting a hearing. Thanks to doctors across the state ramping up their engagement via calls, emails and Capitol visits, the bill was added to the agenda just one day before the April 4 hearing. TCA President Dr. Devin Pettiet, Parker University President Dr. Bill Morgan, Texas Chiropractic College President Dr. Stephen Foster and Dr. Paul Harris, a Fort Worth-based neurologist, provided highly compelling testimony in support of the bill. There was no oral testimony in opposition to the bill. TCA is cautiously optimistic the bill will receive a favorable vote this week. 

Additionally, legislation that could jeopardize chiropractors’ ability to perform acupuncture as a modality of chiropractic also was heard on April 4. TCA Past Presidents Drs. Tyce Hergert, Max Vige and Kevin Kanz, TCA District 11 Vice Director Dr. Alayna Pagnani-Gendron and Dr. Paul Heikkinen testified on TCA’s behalf. TCA will provide updates on the bill’s status once action is taken on it, if any.

TBCE v. TMA (II) In a Nutshell
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Tuesday, April 02, 2019 03:44 PM

We have long heard about the TMA vs. TBCE (the chiropractic profession) lawsuits and chiropractic’s prevailing in TMA (I) as we informally keep track of the various TMA lawsuits.  Now in TMA (II) we have political medicine claiming that chiropractic should not be permitted to define terms in use for a century or more by the chiropractic profession.  

This case was filed in 2011 and in 2013 the Medical Association amended its petition to  assert that the chiropractic scope-of-practice rule “improperly defines ‘musculoskeletal system’ to include ‘nerves and … because 'it defines ‘subluxation complex’ as a ‘neuromusculoskeletal condition’ which exceeds the scope of authority conferred on chiropractors by the Chiropractic [Statute].”

The petition to the Supreme Court of Texas summarizes much of what has transpired in these cases.  Below are excerpted some direct quotes that further explain what TMA (II) is about.

Chiropractic First, Here's Why
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Tuesday, April 02, 2019 03:42 PM

A 1970s patient education pamphlet authored by Bob Sottile, D.C. entitled CHIROPRACTIC FIRST – MEDICINE SECOND – SURGERY LAST; And Here’s Why In A Nutshell was recently shared in THIS ARTICLE

Excerpts are reproduced here to highlight core chiropractic beliefs.

“The purpose of this booklet” Dr. Sottile tells us, "is to dispel incorrect information and medical propaganda concerning Chiropractic and its role in health care. It is hoped that this knowledge will aid all those who read this booklet in understanding what Chiropractic is, when it should be used and most importantly, why it should be used from infancy on.”

“Chiropractic is not a [merely] treatment for aches and pains. That’s its least important role. Its greatness and importance to the healthcare of the world is paramount, in its approach to health and well being. Chiropractic care embraces health. Medical care embraces disease. … decide for yourself: Do I want health or do I want disease treatment? The choice is yours.”

“The dictionary defines healthas 'Soundness of body; freedom from disease; well-being.' Reliefis defined as ‘alleviation of pain; something that relieves pain.'”

"Relief … gives us a false sense of well being or health. If relief comes in the form of temporary alleviation of symptoms. when the symptoms return. we again act to do what worked before.” 

ICA Reports
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Tuesday, April 02, 2019 03:39 PM

Testifies Against HB 448 in New Mexico

In February, The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) was pleased to provide expert review of New Mexico bill HB 448 the Chiropractic Physician Practice Act 

New Mexico established an Advanced Practice designation in chiropractic beginning in 2008.  The 2008 law extended a new authority to prescribe “natural substances”, defined minimal education requirements and provided for oversight by both the NM Medical Board and the NM Pharmacy Board for this new classification of chiropractors. The original legislation did not include the authority to prescribe “drugs” in any form and the new 2008 “Chiropractic Formulary”, which only included natural substances, required approval by both the NM Medical Board and the NM Pharmacy Board. As of 2019, NM is the only state to establish the Advanced Practice designation.

California Chiropractic Association Sponsors AB 888 Opioid Legislation
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Tuesday, April 02, 2019 03:37 PM

The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) is pleased to sponsor AB 888, which seeks to reduce the over-reliance on prescription opioids by integrating nonpharmacological treatments to pain management care plans and, most importantly, ensures that patients are making well informed decisions before an opioid is prescribed. 

“As the opioid crisis continues to wreak havoc in California families, CalChiro has moved to sponsor legislation requiring nonpharmacological avenues be considered before writing that first, often critical prescription,” states Danny Gambino DC, President of the California Chiropractic Association. “We have always aimed to alleviate pain and suffering without deadly, addictive medications. In fact, studies have shown a 55% reduction in opioid prescriptions if a doctor of chiropractic is sought out first.”

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