Chiropractors: Primary Spine Specialists
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 04:14 PM

Recently Dr. Brandon Manson reported in Colombia-Greene Media in New York the need for Chiropractic Doctors to be be considered Primary Spine Specialists.  Said Dr. Manson:

"Spine related disorders (SRDs) are one of the most common and costly health problems in society, affecting almost every person at some point in life. These disorders encompass a group of conditions directly related to the spine: back pain, neck pain, many types of headache, radiculopathy or referred pain, and a variety of other symptoms."

"Recent statistics indicate the cost to the United States health system is huge, and growing. Well over $100 billion is spent annually on SRDs. Yet despite the fact that between 1997 and 2005 expenditures for back and neck pain alone rose by 65 percent (inflation adjusted), patients with SRDs are now worse off than ever. In fact, measures of physical functioning, work productivity, school and social activity, and mental health among patients with SRDs all declined during the same period. Clearly, the dramatic increase in health care costs for diagnosis and medical treatment of SRDs has failed to improve the health of patients. Instead, chronicity and disability related to these disorders continues to steadily rise."

Parker Seminars to "Turn Up the Volume" of the Chiropractic Profession this January
Wednesday, December 31, 2014 03:48 PM

From nutrition and patient care to philosophy, clinic growth and beyond, Parker Seminars is set to showcase the pulse of the chiropractic profession. With new speakers, course content, and a commitment to “Turn Up the Volume” of chiropractors worldwide, the next Parker Seminars Las Vegas will take place January 29-31, 2015 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

TCC Expands Principles Curriculum to First Seven Trimesters
Wednesday, December 31, 2014 03:42 PM

TCCTexas Chiropractic College (TCC) embarked on a groundbreaking curriculum expansion in its mission to promote excellence in the education of practice-ready doctors of chiropractic. The revised Chiropractic Principles curriculum establishes a solid foundation for the chiropractic profession by helping TCC students grow into expert practitioners of chiropractic science.

President Brad McKechnie, DC, DACAN challenged the faculty to develop a unique chiropractic principles course for each of the first seven trimesters of a student’s academic career at TCC. Each principles course is tailored to correspond with the basic and clinical science classes taken during a given trimester. Beginning with the Fall 2014 Trimester, a TCC student will complete this program of study as a logical and balanced progression in their evidence-informed training. This approach replaces the isolated role of principles courses within the DC curriculum at TCC.

Vivek Murthy M.D. Confirmed as Surgeon General
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 03:38 PM

Vivek Murthy, MD

By a vote of 51-43, the Senate confirmed Vivek Murthy, MD, as Surgeon General, with opponents arguing he was unqualified for the job, while supporters asserted that opposition to the nomination stemmed mostly from Murthy's past remarks on gun violence.

Murthy has solid academic credentials -- an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a medical degree and Master's in Business Administration from Yale.  Opponents, however, question his expertise in patient treatment, or disease research.  Said one opponent:  "Is Dr. Murthy a renowned expert in treating patients or researching disease? No, not at all.  Has he actually built a career teaching medicine or leading public health organizations? No, not yet. In fact, Dr. Murthy only completed his residency and medical training in 2006, only 8 years ago.”  He is currently an attending physician at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston and an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

ChiroSpring Founder Gives Back to Chiropractic Community
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 03:30 PM

Jacob and Jessica YoungChrissy Albery, DC, founder and principle chiropractic adviser of ChiroSpring practice management software, remembers what it was like to first open her own practice. Shortly after the joy of graduation fades, the intimidating task of starting a new business arises.

That’s why after speaking with some recent graduates of Palmer Chiropractic College, Albery decided to donate some of her clinic’s rehabilitation equipment to a pair of new doctors just starting out.

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