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TBCE Disciplinary Actions Oct. 2015 - Feb. 2016
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Monday, April 04, 2016 12:00 AM

In their March 2016 Newsletter the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE)reports that from Oct. 2015 through Feb. 2016 it rendered 30 disciplinary actions.

Feb. 18, 2016 – TBCE Board Meeting Report
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Friday, February 19, 2016 10:05 AM

The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners was called to order at about 1:00 PM on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016.  

The roll was called and one absent board member was excused. The board voted to approve the minutes of the October 14, 2015 TBCE board meeting and then opened the meeting up for public comment to the board. 

The board then heard the report of the TBCE President from Dr. Cynthia Tays, and the executive Director’s report from Patricia Gilbert.  Ms Gilbert reports that her goals for the agency include working on projects focusing on four areas: customer service, education and outreach, compliance and in preparation for the TBCE Sunset Review.  She reports that general counsel Bryan Snoddy has focused on rule revision and implementation for the past two years and that she believes that the agency is in good shape to go into Sunset.

Generally the agency is working to improve telephone service, secure agency servers, and various staffing issues.  To improve customer service they are working to secure payment of licensing fees online through, returning calls within one business day, and shortening and simplifying telephone messages.  

Sanitary Conditions Questioned
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Monday, February 15, 2016 09:37 PM

The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners will be meeting this Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016.  Agenda Item #9.3.4 of the Enforcement Committee's agenda notes that the Chiropractic Act §201.502 allows the Board to administer an administrative penalty for engaging in grossly unprofessional conduct by not maintaining chiropractic facilities in sanitary condition in violation of 22 TAC § 78.1(a)(1).  

TBCE President, Cynthia Lysne Tays, DC reported that unsanitary hydroculator units are being discovered at various locations around the state.  "The TBCE now has two field investigators (stationed outside of Austin) so this is perhaps the reason for the increase in discovery," notes Dr. Tays.  The unsanitary conditions seem to be related to "dirty and odorous water," a "buildup on the inside walls of the tanks," split open hot packs, and/or mold on the hot packs.  

It seems that in some instances there are patient complaints or patient photos of the unsanitary conditions.  At other times the field investigator, investigating a non-renewed license or registration smells or sees the unsanitary condition and apparently initiates the complaint.  

New TBCE Executive Director Reports
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Monday, January 18, 2016 03:54 PM

Patricia Gilbert, the new Executive Director of the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners reports: I appreciate the welcome that I have received from many of you. In 2016 the agency is going to focus on customer service, education and quality training for our licensees. It is very important to me and the staff that our licensees understand our rules and processes so they can focus their efforts on caring for the citizens of Texas.

The focus of our newsletters will be to give you timely information so that you can stay abreast of things happening in and around TBCE. The agency has four Board meetings throughout the year, so sending the newsletter after meetings will ensure that you get current updates on Board activities and initiatives. We will also publish additional issues with special topics of interest such as rule proposals for your comments, outreach and education.

TCC Announces Educational Opportunities
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Friday, January 08, 2016 12:00 AM

The Rehabilitation Diplomate Program at Texas Chiropractic College is scheduled to begin January 9-10, 2016.

Chiropractic Society of Texas Supports Texas Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
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Monday, December 21, 2015 08:36 AM

A chiropractic society has sided with medical acupuncturists against the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

In the matter of the Texas Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (TAAOM) v. Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE), the Chiropractic Society of Texas (CST) has stated to the Third Court of Appeals that “the Chiropractic Society of Texas is in support of TAAOM and we ask the court to reverse the ruling of the lower court (201st District Court) and render judgment in favor of TAAOM.

The stated opinion of the CST is that "the practice of Chiropractic and Acupuncture are two completely distinct and separate professions.”  They also state that the CST is not in favor of expanding the practice, and/or the scope of Chiropractic.”  It is their opinion that “changing the definition or scope of Chiropractic weakens our profession.

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