Medicaid Enrollment Up by 9 Million in 2014
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 03:59 PM

More than a fifth of the U.S. population -- 21.2%, or 66.5 million people -- were receiving Medicaid physical health benefits during the third quarter of 2014, an increase of 9 million from the year before, according to a report from the consulting firm PwC (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers).

Most of the growth came through Medicaid managed care plans, with 9.3 million people added to those rolls, while 300,000 fewer people were receiving traditional Medicaid coverage compared with the same quarter in 2013, the report found. 

Not surprisingly, Medicaid enrollment growth was greatest in those states that underwent Medicaid eligibility expansion -- a growth of 7.6 million people in 25 states and the District of Columbia -- while the 25 states that didn't expand Medicaid had enrollment growth of 1.4 million, according to the report.

The report also found that the top three Medicaid managed care plans nationwide were United, with 4.4 million members; WellPoint, with 4.3 million members; and Centene, with 3.3 million members.  And if the states that didn't expand their Medicaid eligibility had done so, they would have added 6.6 million members to the Medicaid rolls.