Vivek Murthy M.D. Confirmed as Surgeon General
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014 03:38 PM

Vivek Murthy, MD

By a vote of 51-43, the Senate confirmed Vivek Murthy, MD, as Surgeon General, with opponents arguing he was unqualified for the job, while supporters asserted that opposition to the nomination stemmed mostly from Murthy's past remarks on gun violence.

Murthy has solid academic credentials -- an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a medical degree and Master's in Business Administration from Yale.  Opponents, however, question his expertise in patient treatment, or disease research.  Said one opponent:  "Is Dr. Murthy a renowned expert in treating patients or researching disease? No, not at all.  Has he actually built a career teaching medicine or leading public health organizations? No, not yet. In fact, Dr. Murthy only completed his residency and medical training in 2006, only 8 years ago.”  He is currently an attending physician at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston and an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

One opponent noted that “just 2 years out of residency, [Murthy] founded a group called 'Doctors for Obama," he said. "The majority of his career has been spent not as a doctor treating patients but as an activist focused on gun control and political campaigns ... Americans don't want a Surgeon General who might use this position of trust to promote his own personal campaign against the Second Amendment of the Constitution."

"In his confirmation hearing before the [Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee] last February, Dr. Murthy said if confirmed he would prioritize efforts on obesity and tobacco-related disease and make prevention and health promotion the backbone of our communities.