Legalities in Establishing a Multi-Disciplinary Practice
Written by Editor   
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 12:41 PM

Q: How can you add another provider type to your practice to provide additional services to patients and legally bill for those services under their license?

A: Multi-disciplinary practices are under scrutiny at the moment by CMS and State Boards. Prior to making commitments to adding other disciplines, practices are encouraged to obtain and review their state Medical Practice act and also their state Chiropractic Practice Act. This will help to create plans in determining what must/can/should/cannot be accomplished.

The very best advice providers can be given is to reach out to a healthcare lawyer for complete information and supporting documentation so you may safely proceed and do so in full compliance of the law. It can be very rewarding to add another discipline to your practice and a first priority is to do so in a manner that best protects your practice and thus allows you to maximize on the addition to your practice worry-free.

For your reference here is an article further discussing this.  The link is posted to encourage these practices to be sure to take all appropriate measures in order to best protect your practice as you look to expand or make changes/additions.