U.S. Diets Still Contain Too Many Bad Fats
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014 07:33 AM

Over the last three decades, Americans have cut their intake of artery-clogging saturated and trans fats -- but not enough, new research shows.

Meanwhile, consumption of healthy omega-3 fatty acids known as DHA and EPA -- plentiful in fatty fish like salmon -- has remained steady, though very low, the experts found.

"These trends are encouraging, but we still have room for improvement in our diet,"

Saturated fats are found in meats, full-fat dairy foods and some oils, such as coconut and palm, according to the AHA.

Trans fats are found in baked goods such as pizzas, cookies and pies, the AHA says. However, food makers have reformulated products in the last few years to reduce or eliminate trans fats. Effective in 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration required trans fats to be listed on the nutrition label of foods.

Source:  http://consumer.healthday.com/vitamins-and-nutrition-information-27/dietary-fat-health-news-301/still-too-much-trans-fat-saturated-fat-in-americans-diets-report-692959.html