Standard Process Inc. Contributes to Raise Awareness for The Patriot Project
Written by Editor   
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 10:42 AM

A $5,000 donation from Standard Process Inc., manufacturer of nutritional supplements, will help the Patriot Project, a  grassroots movement to bring more awareness to the benefits chiropractic care can provide the nation’s military service men and women, active and retired, as well as their families, continue its mission.

Patriot Project founder, chiropractor Timothy P. Novelli, says efforts like Standard Process’ Pedal for Cause help raise awareness that chiropractic care can address optimum function and the health of the whole person, and especially for military service men and women. “Chiropractic physicians can fill a void in the military at home and on the battlefield,” said Novelli. “Anyone who carries an 80- to 120-pound pack along with body armor and a weapon in the toxic environment of war can benefit from chiropractic's whole body approach to health.”

Earlier in August, DuBois, Novelli and other Project Patriot supporters were able to discuss several Patriot Project initiatives during a special Patriot Project event, “Our Heroes Don’t Wear Capes,” held in North Canton, Ohio. Topics discussed included how to get chiropractic physicians commissioned in the military similar to the commissions currently offered to other doctors, such as medical doctors.

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