Rule 80.2 – Repeal – Default on Student Loans and Scholarship Agreements
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 10:56 AM

The following section would be repealed.  Different language to "replace it" has been proposed elsewhere.

(a) Besides non-renewal of a license under §73.2 (relating to Renewal of License) or §74.3 (relating to Annual Renewal) of this title, a licensee who has defaulted on a student loan or breached a student loan repayment contract, a scholarship contract by failing to perform his or her service obligation under the contract, or any other agreement between the licensee and the administering entity, relating to payment of a student loan or performance of obligations under a scholarship, may be subject to disciplinary action by the board as authorized by chapter 56 of the Occupations Code. This section applies to chiropractic licensees and facility licensees who operate as a sole proprietor or partnership. 

(b) The board may rescind any disciplinary action taken under this section upon receipt of information from an administering entity that the licensee is now in good standing, as provided in §71.3(b) of this title (relating to Qualification of Applicants) of this title.

(c) Upon notice that a licensee is again in default or breach of any loan or agreement relating to a student loan or scholarship, the board may reinstate the original disciplinary action, if rescinded, or take other disciplinary action.

(d) The maximum sanction for a violation of this section is revocation and/or $1000 administrative penalty per violation. This sanction is incorporated into the board's maximum sanction table provided in §75.11(b) of this title (relating to Schedule of Sanctions) by this reference.