Rule 74.9 – Repeal – Disciplinary Action
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 09:50 AM

The following section would be repealed.  Different language to "replace it" has been proposed elsewhere.

(a) The board may refuse to issue or renew, suspend, or revoke a facility registration and/or impose an administrative penalty against an owner of a registered facility for a violation, by an employee, agent, or other representative of the facility, including a licensee or CRT employed or otherwise engaged by the facility, of the following:

  (1) the rules or an order of the board;

  (2) the Chiropractic Act;

  (3) the HPCA; 

  (4) the MRTCA;

  (5) the rules or an order of the TDH; or

  (6) any other rule or statute, for which the board may impose disciplinary action if violated;

(b) Disciplinary action against an owner of a facility or a chiropractor working in a facility, including the imposition of administrative penalties, is governed by the Administrative Procedures Act, Government Code, Chapter 2001, and applicable enforcement provisions of the Chiropractic Act, Occupations Code, Chapter 201, including Subchapters G and K through M.