Intellectual Laziness
Written by Editor   
Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:07 AM

Doctors of Chiropractic are fully aware of the regularly relentless attics of the Texas Medical Association and their willing allies, but now others outside of the chiropractic community are taking note of it as well.  The website Healthcare Access for Texas in a report found at the following link reports and publicly shares their opinions regarding the TMA.  

Says Healthcare Access for Texas: "while medical docs in Texas migrate to fully integrated practices which include a myriad of healthcare professionals, TMA cannot hide their contempt for healthcare professions outside the realm of medicine. Apparently it doesn’t matter what their members are doing, TMA is bent on destroying other practices.  For example, Dr. Steve Nguyen, a Republican optometrist from Irving (north Dallas County), ran for the state house seat (HD-115) in 2012. Later, Dr. Mike Van DeWalle, a Republican chiropractor, is currently running for the state house (Travis County – HD 50).  The common denominator? TEXPac, the political action committee of TMA, sent out the nearly identical mailer in both campaigns."

“'Quack, Quack Quack' is the name of the political piece, clearly identifying optometrists and chiropractors as quacks. Notice we didn’t write that TMA “basically” or “essentially” characterized these two professions as quackery. They just came out and said it." 

Healthcare Access for Texas notes that comparing optometrists and chiros to Dr Pepper and Dr. Jekyll is cynical. They note that TMA seems to say, “we as TMA, give a whole lot of money to campaigns and we expect policymakers to go along with the TMA program.”  That paradigm is shifting Healthcare Access notes, and it is shifting "very hard and very dramatically."

"From our perspective," they report,  "the Quack, Quack Quack piece is intellectually lazy — fat and happy stuff. The hubris is palpable."

They also note: "when you’re the 1800-pound gorilla you don’t have to worry about the diminutive 800-pound gorillas – Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Texas Association of Business for example. Unless, of course, you run into the 100 pound guerrilla."

"The Quack, Quack Quack piece stands on it’s own merits. Which means it’s not standing on anything at all, but falling on banal, unsubstantiated nonsense.  But it’s worked before."