Surgery No Help for Mild Knee OA
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Wednesday, September 03, 2014 12:00 AM

Arthroscopic surgery for degenerative meniscal tears in patients with mild knee osteoarthritis had no benefit for function or pain, a meta-analysis determined.

The results of this meta-analysis suggest that "an initial trial of non-operative interventions should play a large role for middle-aged patients," authors asserted.

In a news release, co-author Mohit Bhandari, MD, PhD, said "arthroscopic debridement or washout of knee osteoarthritis has come under lots of scrutiny based upon trials that suggest patients get no benefit from the procedure. We're concerned that many surgeons worldwide may still be doing this procedure."

This study provides "moderate evidence" for a lack of benefit for surgery in mild OA, but further research will be needed to more fully clarify the costs of surgical and nonsurgical approaches and to examine the influence of factors such as body mass index and duration and severity of symptoms.