Push for Testosterone Study Retraction
Written by Editor   
Thursday, August 21, 2014 09:29 AM

A group of researchers is upping the ante in an ongoing battle to retract a study that linked testosterone with cardiovascular risks.  The Androgen Study Group charging that the Journal of the American Medical Association "violated accepted standards of medical journal ethics and editorial integrity" by not pulling a November study by Vigen et al. following corrections and other problems with the data.

The group chronicled 13 "troubling events" that raise "serious ethical and editorial concerns."  The Vigen study found an increased risk of cardiovascular risks in men who got prescriptions for testosterone -- a finding that contradicts "decades of research."  

The group states that the Journal "has created unfounded concerns among millions of men treated appropriately for testosterone deficiency, caused patients to question the care provided by their physicians, and prompted many men to discontinue treatment even among those who had clearly benefited."