AMA's Opinion: Certification, E-Cigs, and Guns
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Thursday, June 12, 2014 06:50 AM

The AMA's House of Delegates drew the line on this year's hot button topic -- maintenance of certification (MOC), saying it should not be mandatory, nor should it be a condition of licensure.  Certain aspects of the MOC/MOL process are not physician-friendly. The desire is  to make MOC/MOL less of an obstacle and more of a way to ensure high quality standards.

The House voted on a combination of three resolutions and one board of trustees report. The report, opposing mandatory MOC in favor of self-regulation, was approved by the house.

The House combined four resolutions seeking to pose stricter regulation on e-cigarettes, and adopted new policy asking the FDA to treat the devices just as it does other tobacco and nicotine products.  As part of the newly adopted policy, e-cigarette packaging should display clear disclosures for content and emissions all wrapped in child-proof packaging. In addition, the AMA policy backed restrictions on cartridge flavors that might appeal to minors and strict prohibitions on unsupported claims marketing e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool.

Two resolutions before the house relating to tightening gun regulation were referred to the board of trustees when the house failed to reach consensus on gun transfers, criminal background checks, and gun registries.  For example, a resolution asking for mandatory background checks for gun transfers was met with staunch opposition from several delegations, Texas chief among them.  

The AMA house also adopted the following new policies:

  • Beefed up nutrition labeling, including information about added sugars.
  • Backing the meningococcal vaccine for adolescents.

Finally, the AMA also voiced its support for a ban on smoking in vehicles when minors are present.