Election Day is Upon Us! Who does TCA Support?
Written by Andrea Howard   
Monday, November 05, 2018 03:20 PM

Election Day 2018 is here! When you head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6, remember to vote for pro-chiropractic candidates. 

The candidates who are elected to the Texas Senate and House will make decisions at the Capitol that could impact the future of our profession, including how you can practice and your ability to run a successful business.

So, who should you vote for on Nov. 6? The Texas Chiropractic Association has identified candidates in key races who were pro-chiropractic during the 2017 Texas Legislative Session.

Here is your list of TCA-supported candidates, listed by district:

Texas Senate

Sen. Bryan Hughes (District 1)
Sen. Bob Hall (District 2)
Sen. Charles Schwertner (District 5)
Sen. Kelly Hancock (District 9)
Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (District 18)
Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (District 20)
Sen. Brian Birdwell (District 22)
Sen. Donna Campbell (District 25)
Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. (District 27)
Sen. Charles Perry (District 28)

Texas House
Rep. Dan Flynn (District 2)
Rep. Cecil Bell, Jr. (District 3)
Rep. Kyle Kacal (District 12)
Rep. John Raney (District 14)
Rep. Ryan Guillen (District 31)
Rep. Todd Hunter (District 32)
Rep. Justin Holland (District 33) 
Rep. Sergio Munoz, Jr. (District 36)
Rep. Eddie Lucio, III (District 38)
Rep. Bobby Guerra (District 41)
Rep. Richard Pena Raymond (District 42)
Rep. Donna Howard (District 48)
Cynthia Flores (District 52)
Rep. J.D. Sheffield (District 59)
Rep. Phil Stephenson (District 85)
Rep. Four Price (District 87)
Rep. Bill Zedler (District 96)
Rep. Charlie Geren (District 99)
Rep. Yvonne Davis (District 111)
Rep. Dan Huberty (District 127)
Rep. Alma Allen (District 131)
Rep. Tony Dale (District 136)
Rep. Senfronia Thompson (District 141)
Rep. Garnet Coleman (District 147)

In the months leading up to the election, TCA districts and DCs hosted meet and greet reception fundraisers across the state for candidates who were supportive of chiropractic in Texas during the 2017 Texas Legislative Session and others who are pro-chiropractic. A big thank you to all of our event hosts! We also want to thank those who attended the events, contributed to the individual candidates, and to the TCA Political Action Committee (PAC)!

The future of chiropractic in Texas hinges on what happens in Austin during the 2019 Texas Legislative Session. Don’t forget to vote!