Executive Director’s Message: November 2017
Written by Jeff Jenkins   
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 11:53 AM
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. Family, friends and lots of good food!
It’s also the perfect time to give thanks and that’s the main purpose of my ED Message. First of all, I want to thank you, our members, for supporting YOUR state association through your membership and active involvement. 
Over the past year, the Texas chiropractic community pulled together and the end result was the most mind-blowing legislative session in decades. Getting four pro-chiropractic bills signed into law just doesn’t happen without hard work behind the scenes. We share these victories with every one of you who showed up at TCA Legislative Day in Austin and met, called and/or emailed a state legislator during the past session. You spread the message of chiropractic throughout the State Capitol and won us many friends along the way. Let’s keep it going ... we know we must raise the bar even higher for the next legislative session in 2019!
On behalf of TCA’s Executive Officers and the Board of Directors, I want to thank each one of you who donated to the Chiropractic Development Initiative (CDI). Your CDI contribution fueled our legislative wins, allowed up to do some positive public relations to promote chiropractic and funded the first phase of our appeal of the Texas Medical Association (TMA) vs. Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) law suit, which threatens your right to treat nerves and the subluxation complex. If you made a one-time donation, we appreciate it. But fundraising is a year-round job, so consider getting on monthly autodraft. Every dollar counts, whether you’re donating $5 a month or $500.
Thank you to those who contributed to the TCA Political Action Committee (TCA PAC). Whether you wrote a PAC check to TCA or showed up at a local fundraiser to back a TCA-supported candidate, you made a difference. To build on our momentum, we must send more pro-chiropractic legislators to Austin. But they have to get elected first and it takes money … lots of it!
I want to thank every member and Texas DC who attended a TCA event in 2017, whether it was our popular Mid-Winter Conference in Lubbock, the inaugural Texas Chiropractic Legislative Conference (TCLC) in Austin or Chiro Texpo, TCA’s annual convention in Dallas. TCA puts on high-quality events and there’s no better place to meet with vendors and network with your fellow Texas DCs. Stay tuned for news on our upcoming 2018 events, including the Texas Sports Chiropractic Conference coming up this spring at Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena. Want to get more out of your TCA membership? Consider upgrading your membership to Premium or Elite, which includes valuable CE hours.
And, since I’m in a thankful mood, I also want to thank a few special people and companies. Thank you, Parker University President Dr. Bill Morgan and the entire Parker family! From the moment Dr. Morgan stepped foot on the Parker campus, he rallied the Parker Board, students, faculty and alumni to get behind TCA. And thank you to Texas Chiropractic College President Dr. Stephen Foster and the TCC community for always being there and showing us in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey what perseverance really means. And, finally, thank you to our TCA Sponsors, Affiliate Members and Affinity Partners for locking arms with us in our fight.
So, I have just one Thanksgiving request as we prepare to wrap up the year and look ahead to 2018. Ask yourself one question: Are you doing enough to advance the chiropractic profession in Texas? There’s still so much left to achieve. I urge you to get more involved at the district and state levels and encourage your colleagues, particularly those who aren’t TCA members (yet), to join the TCA movement. There’s room at the table for all!
With gratitude,
Jeffrey S. Jenkins
TCA Executive Director