Governor Abbott Statement On Senate Vote Calling For A Convention Of States
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Monday, March 06, 2017 02:13 PM

News bite: Governor Abbott has praised the Texas Senate’s passage of a resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States. 

Governor Greg Abbott released the following statement after the Texas Senate passed a resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States (SJR 2), one of Governor Abbott’s emergency legislative priorities:

“For decades, the federal government has grown out of control, increasingly abandoning the Constitution while stiff-arming the states and ignoring its citizens. This isn’t a problem caused by one President and it won’t be solved by one President – it must be fixed by the people themselves. Our nation is succumbing to the caprice of man that our Founders fought to escape and I am encouraged that the Texas Senate has taken the first step in joining other states from around the county in reversing that trend. I want to thank Senator Birdwell for his dedication on this issue, and I look forward to its approval in the House.” 

An Article V Convention is a Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures.  It is one of two processes authorized by Article Five of the United States Constitution whereby the Constitution, the nation’s frame of government, may be altered.