The Folly of Letting Insurance Dictate Care
Written by Editor   
Wednesday, December 28, 2016 11:36 AM

News Bite:  Often we presume that the insurance companies dictate care to our patients.  This is folly.  It is the responsibility of our businesses to plan for and provide needed care, offer wanted care, and make it manageable to obtain desired care.  

We all have experienced it, or know someone who has: clinical staff assuming that because insurance won’t pay for something that the patient won’t either, so the offer of service is withdrawn.  The common assumption among many is that insurance companies dictate healthcare.  But there are times that patients are willing to pay for what insurance does not cover – tests that patients desire because they want to ensure that some familial disease does not creep up on a child, or desired treatment just because it improves quality of life, they just like and want it.  We all know that insurance companies don’t want to pay to improve its client’s quality of life unless it involves correcting some covered health condition, but the desires of a for-profit corporation should not dictate the services that we offer to our patients.  

It is folly to allow a disinterred publicly traded corporation make the determination of your patient’s health needs.  It is not good healthcare and it is not good business either.  Patients can and WILL pay for services not covered by insurance when they are presented with up front information and given easily understood and affordable payment options.  It is up to the doctor to determine the diagnosis, communicate the care plan, work with the patient to implement a plan of action and to follow up on the progress of that planned treatment.  It is up to the business to work with the patient to offer ways to pay for the desired plan of action.

We help people. How many patients are not receiving treatments in your office that would help them to heal more quickly and efficiently because when insurance does not cover a particular therapeutic procedure you remove that service from the potentials offered to the patient. Offering a manageable financial process to these patients can and will help your patients as well as your business.  There are a number of patient finance and healthcare discount organizations available.  Making it easy for a patient to obtain desired services rather, than dictated services, is one of the responsibilities of our businesses.  Affordable ways to pay for what insurances does not, or will not, cover, is a service that you should investigate for your patients.

The more convenient you can make it to purchase your services, the better you are able to serve your community with the kind of consistent chiropractic care people need and deserve. Quit letting insurance companies dictate the care that is offered to your patients.  Plan for your patients what they need, offer them what they want, and make it easier for them to obtain what they desire.  Your business will thank you for it.