Will There be a New Healthcare Revolution?
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Monday, December 05, 2016 12:00 AM

News Bite: In the last election emotions played a large part.  The same is occurring in the healthcare industries.  Will it lead to a new healthcare revolution as well?  

Doctors and patients have witnessed an avalanche of changes in healthcare over the last decade. These include the relentless push towards consolidation and the corporatization of medicine, increasing government regulation and the decimation of small private practice. Ask most doctors who have been around for any length of time, and they will confirm the detrimental effects all of this has had on the doctor-patient relationship.

Patients, too, are unhappy and frustrated with what’s happened, nobody ever asked them if it’s what they wanted. It's no longer about the doctor and patient, but rather about the regulator, administrator, and patient. Often with a computer and a series of tick-boxes in-between. Other folks, such as information technologists and the “Big Data people" are increasingly hanging around at the peripheries of healthcare too.

When pundits in the political realm, so-called “experts,” talk about people like numbers, they frequently scoff at “emotion,” and don't understand why pure emotion drives people to vote. It happened in this election. The same situation exists in healthcare too: A total disconnect from the realities of everyday frontline medicine. Many people pulling the strings simply do not understand people and just look at them as numbers. Healthcare, however, is an extraordinarily emotional arena. Emotion is what makes us human and there's nothing wrong with it. Of course, there has to be logic in human interactions and decision-making, but it’s highly irritating whenever emotion and real human feelings are discounted.

Many of the people at the frontlines of healthcare are also disillusioned with the powers that be. Those who are the most important: Patients, doctors, nurses -- are pretty fed up with what they've seen happen over the last few years, and a vast segment of them are also yearning for change. A change that simplifies medicine and brings the doctor-patient paradigm back to the center of all decision-making. 

Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before we go back to healthcare in its purest form.

Source: http://www.medpagetoday.com/Blogs/KevinMD/61725