Your Change Agent
Monday, November 07, 2016 12:00 AM

By: Dr Charles Ward

I have been coaching Chiropractors for over 30 years. In those years I find many doctors who strive for success, they can’t wait to fill their offices daily, their vision is to serve the multitudes.  These clients always go the extra mile, they do what I ask them as their coach, they attend sessions with their teams, read the playbook daily, study chiropractic and its philosophy.  They have positive morning and evening rituals.  They have goals and read them daily and they work on their positive self-talk at all times

I have also coached chiropractors that seem to fear success.  They are afraid of the responsibilities that come with success and growth.    There are many Chiropractors that don’t work up to their full potential because of these fears.  They are in a rut and feel comfortable there.  

Want to grow your practice?  Accept more responsibility.  Learning is growing…Changing is growing.  A wise man once said,  “you cant keep doing the same thing and expect a different result."  Have the courage to meet new challenges, implement new systems and procedures into your practice.  Want a Power Team?...  Train them…  Want higher retention?... Educate.

Want more new patients?...  Break through the barriers that are holding you back from the success you deserve.  

Here is your affirmation for the month:   “I AM ON THE ROAD TO A MORE SUCCESSFUL LIFE” 



Coach Ward 


Dr. Charles Ward is a frequent speaker for the TCA.  His goal is to help as many Chiropractors and their teams reach their full potential.  Innate Legacy Coaching focus on the 4 Pillars of Success;   Personal Identity, Chiropractic Philosophy, Systems/Procedures that are easy to implement and Marketing.