Apple Juice Promising in Kids with Mild Gastroenteritis
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Saturday, September 17, 2016 12:00 AM

Children treated with diluted apple juice after admission to the emergency department (ED) for mild gastroenteritis with mild dehydration were less likely to experience treatment failure, and need intravenous fluids, than those treated with standard electrolyte maintenance solution, researchers said here.

In an intention-to-treat analysis, a composite of treatment failure (defined as hospitalization, need for IV rehydration, protracted symptoms, and subsequent unscheduled physician visits) was 16.7% in the dilute apple juice group compared to 25% of the electrolyte maintenance solution group.

In addition, children in the electrolyte maintenance solution group had a 14% increased risk of diarrhea episodes (rate ratio 1.14) and a 7% increased risk of vomiting episodes compared with the dilute apple juice group, but these were also non-significant differences.