Children Presenting to Chiropractors in Norway
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016 12:00 AM

The idea of chiropractors treating children is controversial to some, yet many parents seek chiropractic care for their children. Part one of this study aimed to document the profile of all pediatric patients consulting Norwegian chiropractors in 2013 using National Health Insurance data (NHI) with regards to age, gender and primary complaints.

Musculoskeletal problems constituted the most common presenting complaint for children and adolescents presenting to Norwegian chiropractors. A sizable proportion of children seemed to be adversely affected by their complaints in terms of low mood and limitations of daily activities. Chronic presentations were not uncommon. 

Chiropractors registered with the Norwegian chiropractic association (NKF) were invited to participate via email. Participating chiropractors were assigned one random month to collect data. All paediatric patients (or their parents) during that were asked to complete questionnaires containing information on presenting complaint, consequences of this complaint, age, and mode of referral. 

In general, the youngest children constituted the largest pediatric group in Norwegian chiropractic practice. Musculoskeletal problems were the most common reason for children visiting a chiropractor in all of the age categories, according to NHI data. One-third of young school children and adolescents reported pain lasting longer than 1-year. Eleven percent of children found that their complaint had severely affected their mood and 22% felt their activities were very limited by their condition. Referrals from healthcare professionals were uncommon.