Chiropractic Professional's Association: Why?
Written by Editor   
Tuesday, September 06, 2016 12:00 AM

Why support your state chiropractic association?

  • No one is as concerned about the chiropractic profession as are the professional DC themselves. Professional doctors (doctors associated with a profession) support their profession (occupation involving prolonged training and formal qualification in which they declare their belief). Doctors who do not profess confidence in their practice are not acting professionally.
  • State agencies are mostly concerned with government problems, not the problems of the chiropractic doctor. State agencies can not be relied upon to seek the best interests of the profession.  State agencies seek the best interests of the "public."  State agencies define what is in the best interest of the public when state associations do not.
  • Practice managers and business promotors are primarily concerned with the business of their clients.  They generally seek what is best for 1) their business, 2) your business.  Patients, public, and the profession may take a secondary place.
  • Those interested in the plights and problems of the DC are DCs themselves. The state chiropractic association offers a regional and statewide voice where these plights and problems may be shared and where association leadership may set out to find solutions to those problems.