Chiropractic Professional's Association: Who is it
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Friday, October 07, 2016 12:00 AM

Who IS the state chiropractic association?

  • EVERY DC should be a state chiropractic association member. It is where the laws that license your profession are created and administered.  EVERY DC should have a hand in making sure that those laws are suitable for the profession.
  • EVERY staff member should be a state chiropractic association member.  Your livelihood also depends upon the beneficial outcomes of the state chiropractic association.
  • EVERY family member should support the state chiropractic association.  Be it through membership, financial or volunteer support every family member associated with a DC is dependent upon the successful outcome of the professional association's work. 
  • State chiropractic association members are professional doctors who are aware that in order to have a profession the members of the profession must band together to volunteer to do the necessary, must contribute together to pay for the work that is necessary, and must work together to protect the profession in the state in which they are licensed.  

With a state chiropractic association there is a profession seeking to influence the will of the state.  Without a state chiropractic association there are only licensed individuals practicing a trade subject to the will of the state.