Use of Mandated Wellness Visit Scarce
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Sunday, August 07, 2016 12:00 AM

The Medicare annual wellness visit, which was mandated under the Affordable Care Act and includes an assessment of cognitive impairment, is underused, researchers reported. In an analysis of electronic health records (EHR) only about 30% of eligible Medicare population had an annual wellness visit in 2015, researchers report.

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The Medicare “annual wellness visit" began in early 2011 as part of the Obama administration's healthcare reform. It gives physicians an opportunity to check patients' height, weight, and blood pressure, to review their medical history, and to establish a list of current medications. It also requires an assessment of cognition in order for physicians to be reimbursed.  However, it has been nationally underutilized.  The use of the annual wellness visit rose from 20% of eligible patients in 2011 to about 30% in 2015.