Why Can’t We Just Forget About Medicine and Just Do Our Own Thing? PR
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016 12:00 AM

For those who promote “Let’s forget organized medicine and just do our own thing,” what will you do about those who espouse the following policies?

Comment:  Organized medicine has an active PR machine working to convince "the public, state licensing boards, policy makers" about the educational superiority of physicians when compared with others.

How are your efforts to "teach the public, state licensing boards, and other policy makers" about the educational superiority of chiropractic coming along?

Excerpt:  AMA will develop and disseminate informational materials directed at the public, state licensing boards, policymakers at the state and national levels, and payers about the educational preparation of physicians, as compared with the preparation of other health professionals.

 – Licensure and Discipline – Non-Physician “Fellowship” Programs, American Medical Association Policy D-275.979


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This is a weekly series excerpting from the American Medical Associations own published policies regarding “non-physicians”.  It will take nearly a year to complete.