Why Can’t We Just Forget About Medicine and Just Do Our Own Thing? Compensation
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Tuesday, September 06, 2016 12:00 AM

For those who promote “Let’s forget organized medicine and just do our own thing,” what will you do about those who espouse the following policies?

Comment:  Physician ethical consultations should be appropriately compensated.  For non-physicians, we don't care.

Who does care about chiropractic, its defense, its promotion, and its compensation?

Excerpt:  The policy of the AMA is that physician provision of clinical ethics consultations for the guidance of individual patients or physicians is an appropriately compensable medical service. The AMA recognizes that this does not address any aspect of payment for ethics consultations by non-physicians.

– Physician Payment – Payment for Ethics Consultations, American Medical Association Policy H-385.956


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This is a weekly series excerpting from the American Medical Associations own published policies regarding “non-physicians”.  It will take nearly a year to complete.