Caffeine-Loaded Energy Drink Increases Blood Pressure
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Monday, December 21, 2015 08:11 AM

Researchers have documented a statistically significant increase in blood pressure and catecholamines in a group of young healthy adults who consumed one can of a commercially available energy drink.  In a small study consuming one 480-mL can of the energy drink, which contains 240 mg of caffeine, increased systolic blood pressure 6.2%, up from 108.4 mm Hg at baseline to 115.0 mm Hg. Consumption of a placebo beverage resulted in a 3.1% increase in systolic blood pressure, up from 108.3 mm Hg to 111.6 mm Hg. The differential blood-pressure response in this randomized, double-blind, crossover pilot study was statistically significant.

In the placebo arm, diastolic blood pressure was unchanged, whereas researchers documented a 6.8% increase in volunteers after they drank the energy drink. Mean blood pressure increased from 74.2 mm Hg to 78.9 mm Hg after drinking the energy drink, a 6.4% increase, but only increased 1.0% after drinking the placebo. Again, this difference was statistically significant.