Sitting Time Not Associated With Risk of Death?
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015 12:00 AM

Sitting per se, whether during leisure time, watching TV, or at work, irrespective of physical activity, is not associated with risk of death, shows a new study of 5000 participants.  The study tested the hypothesis that sitting time would predict all-cause mortality risk independently of moderate to vigorous physical activity and associations would vary by type of sitting.

Prior research has suggested that spending extended periods of time sitting down, either at work or during leisure time, is detrimental and contributes to mortality risk regardless of how much physical activity an individual undertakes. Sitting has even been dubbed "the new smoking."

In the new study, which ran for 16 years — one of the longest follow-ups in this area of research — 450 deaths were recorded, but no evident associations between any of the indicators of sitting and mortality were found.

Authors say their results suggest that "policy makers and clinicians should be cautious about placing emphasis on sitting behavior as a risk factor for mortality that is distinct from the effect of physical activity."