Resistance Training Seems to Preserve BMD in Seniors
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Thursday, November 26, 2015 12:19 PM

A recent study reports that older adults who diet and exercise are more likely to experience bone loss if they engage in only aerobic training rather than resistance training.  In older adults in a weight-stable state, exercise can help build bone mass, but it isn't known if bone mass would be lost during caloric restriction, she said.  Therefore, to see if the effects of two different types of exercise programs differentially influenced BMD in older adults.

After five months, bone mineral density (BMD) showed a modest decrease among those in an aerobic training plus calorie restriction group at the total hip and femoral neck after adjustment for age, sex, baseline body mass index (BMI) and BMD, and weight loss.In contrast, no change was seen in BMD for those participating in a resistance training plus calorie restriction program at the total hip or femoral neck.

Identification of weight loss therapies that minimize bone loss in the elderly is critical.  When older individuals want to lose weight, typically one-quarter to one-third of the weight loss isn't fat -- it's muscle and bone.  Treatment guidelines say that these patients should try to minimize bone and muscle loss when losing weight, and one approach is to try combining the weight loss with exercise.