AMA Wants Ban on DTC Advertising
Written by Editor   
Tuesday, November 24, 2015 09:32 AM

According to the American Medical Association, direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising should be banned in order to reduce the demand for expensive, unnecessary drug treatments.

“Today’s vote in support of an advertising ban reflects concerns among physicians about the negative impact of commercially-driven promotions, and the role that marketing costs play in fueling escalating drug prices,” AMA board chair-elect Patrice A. Harris, MD, MA, said in a statement.  “Direct-to-consumer advertising also inflates demand for new and more expensive drugs, even when these drugs may not be appropriate.”

The policy also advocates for a campaign to urge prescription drug affordability — including demanding more competition in the drug industry — and for urging more transparency in drug costs.  Although too much money is being spent on marketing and too little on drug research and development, it’s doubtful that banning DTC ads will serve to either increase spending on drug research or bring down the price of drugs.  “DTC spending is approximately $3 billion per year — 11% of all promotional spending,  Direct-to-provider advertising is the other 89%.