Research this week
Written by Craig Benton, DC   
Tuesday, October 06, 2015 10:34 PM

A study was done at Palmer and they did a survey of people to see how and what they thought of chiropractic:

14% say they saw a DC in the last year.  Data from 2012 put this at 8% data from 1997 had it at 6%.

61% see us as good with treating neck and back pain

25% thought DCs were dangerous.

Palmer plans to repeat this study for the next two years.

So with this study you can improve outcomes and reduce costs if you use a DC or a PT

I wonder if anyone in Government, Insurance Industry, or Business will listen to this?

11% recurrence rate for neck pain treated by a D

$14.9 billion spent last year on out of pocket complementary care.  $8 billion on lower back pain alone which is a 1/3 of all monies spent of the treatment of back pain.

Work Comp patients who saw a DC or PT got back to work quicker than if prescribed and opioid.

In Switzerland patient patients with back, knee, and shoulder pain had similar improvements in pain but less costs and greater satisfaction than seeing their MD.

I just like this one they have now developed a medication which will treat constipation induced by opioid use.  Gotta love science