TBCE Proposes Rules Changes
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Wednesday, September 09, 2015 03:21 PM

At their August meeting, the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners adopted and proposed a multitude of rules changes.  Each of these rules has been posted at the link indicated below.

Summaries provided are for the purposes of indicating the changes proposed.  Please read the full proposal for the most accuracy.



TBCE Adopted Rules: Sept. 2015 – this article provides the recently adopted rules:  71.2, 77.5, 78.17, and 80.4.  Many of these changes are “housekeeping” changes, but Rules 77.5 (Delegation of Authority) and 78.17 (Spinal Screenings) have been readopted in their entirety with changes.


TBCE Withdraws July Rules Proposals reports on the rules proposals that were withdrawn by TBCE for various reasons.


TBCE Proposes Amending Rule 72.2 relating to application for licensure and adding definitions for provisions for military veterans. 

TBCE Proposed Amending Rule 73.3 relating to request for Information from covered entities changing the citation of a legal refernce.

TBCE Proposes Amending Rule 74.2 pertaining to registration of Chiropractic Radiologic Technologists changing the citation of a legal refernce.

TBCE Proposes Amending Rules 75.2, and 75.5 concerning renewal of chiropractic licenses, and continuing education  adding definitions for provisions for military veterans and certain exemptions permitted.

TBCE Proposes Amendments to Rules 76.1, and 76.2 pertaining to requirements for licensure of out-of-state applicants and requirements for licensure of military spouses. 

TBCE Proposes Amending 78.16 regarding cease and desist orders inserting a grammar improvement.

TBCE Proposes Amending Rule 79.2 pertaining to commencement of enforcement proceedings to permit official communication via email if selected by the licensee.

TBCE Proposes Amending Rule 79.10 pertaining to decisions of the TBCE to permit official communication via email if selected by the licensee


TBCE Proposes New 75.8 pertaining to exemption from licensure fee for retired chiropractor providing voluntary charity care.

TBCE Proposes New Rule 76.3  pertaining to requirements for licensure of military service members and military veterans.

TBCE Proposes Replacement of Rule 77.7 concerning request for information from covered entities to harmonize the Board's rules with existing state and federal requirements concerning chiropractic records.

TBCE Proposed New Rules 77.13 - 77.17  relating to bribery, witness tampering, and obstruction or retaliation. 

TBCE Proposes Replacement of Rule 78.6 relating to fees charged by the TBCE.

TBCE Proposes Replacement of Rule 78.10 relating to the rule pertaining to the TBCE’s Schedule of Sanctions.

TBCE Proposes New Rule 80.5 regarding the agency’s monitoring of applicable legal contracts.

TBCE Proposes New Rule 80.6 where an administrator or employee of the Board may seek reimbursement for a training or education program offered by an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education as defined by §61.003 of the Texas Education Code.