Growing Utilization of Chiropractic Services at On-Site Corporate Health Clinics
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Thursday, April 03, 2014 12:00 AM
The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the value of chiropractic care, is pleased to report that a growing number of employers with on-site health clinics now include doctors of chiropractic (D.C.s) as active members of the staff.  According to experts of the F4CP, inclusion of chiropractic services represents great potential for reduced healthcare expenditures, and improved patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.
“On-site health clinics have become increasingly attractive among employers as a strategic tool to promote timely access to healthcare services, contain costs and boost worker productivity,” states Gerard Clum, D.C., spokesperson, F4CP. “Doctors of chiropractic are well-trained in general wellness and neuro-musculoskeletal disorders – a leading cause of lost workdays and reduced efficiency – and are able to positively impact a more rapid return-to-work.”
In 2008, Mercer reported one in three employers with 500 or more employees offered on-site or near-site health clinics. By 2015, experts expect on-site health clinics to grow from approximately 2,200 to over 7,000 nationwide – serving more than 10 percent of the U.S. population, under the age of 65.
Wisconsin-based company Standard Process  established its on-site wellness program in 2007, with chiropractic care serving as a core component. The company will soon issue a documented report of its comprehensive outcomes.  Since opening, Standard Process has reported around 90 percent employee participation, as well as:
  • Reduced healthcare claims and direct costs
  • Higher rates of employee compliance and commitment to health improvement
  • Enhanced employee productivity, health, satisfaction and retention
The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) recently gave its highest honor, the Platinum Well Workplace Award, to Standard Process in recognition of the company’s leadership and innovation in workplace health promotion. Based on the success of its wellness program, Standard Process launched Cultivate by Standard Process, a new business unit that helps improve employee wellness, organizational efficiencies, and the financial bottom line for companies through onsite wellness centers led by doctors of chiropractic.
Jerry Curtin, president/general manager of Cultivate by Standard Process, states, “The rising costs of healthcare and employee wellness are top of mind topics for executives across all industries. Through Cultivate and an onsite chiropractic expert, organizations of all sizes can realize tremendous employee and company benefits.”
“Chiropractic contributes a non-invasive, drug-free approach to healthcare that presents significant benefits to employers and employees,” states Dr. Clum. “As more evidence emerges further documenting the positive clinical and financial outcomes associated with chiropractic, I expect that an even greater number of employers will include chiropractic services within on-site clinics.”
Each year, the F4CP sponsors several conferences targeting the employer and healthcare communities to better educate stakeholders about the role of chiropractic care.  In 2014, the F4CP will communicate the value of chiropractic within on-site health centers and the experience of Standard Process.