TBCE Proposes Amendment to Rule 72.2
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Thursday, July 23, 2015 10:25 PM

The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (Board) proposes amending Chapter 72, §72.2, concerning Application for Licensure.  This amended rule was proposed upon a recommendation by the Rule Committee to the Board and approved by the Board for publication. Comments were received concerning during the presentation of the rule amendment to the Board on May 21, 2015. 

The comments reflected that the Board's rules did not fully capture the strictures of the statute contained in §201.502 of the Chiropractic Act. The Board considered the addition of this language as useful in providing an applicant notice that of all ground upon which an application may be refused to the admission of the practice of chiropractic. 

Additional comments on the proposed amended rule and/or a request for a public hearing on the proposed amended rule may be submitted to Bryan D. Snoddy, General Counsel, Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, 333 Guadalupe St, Tower III, Suite 825, Austin, Texas 78701; fax: (512) 305-6705 or [email protected], no later than 30 days from the date that this proposed amendment is published in the Texas Register.

§72.2.Application for License.

(a) All individuals who wish to practice chiropractic in this state, and who are not otherwise licensed under law, must successfully pass an examination given by or at the direction of the board.

(b) An applicant for licensure through examination shall submit to the Board a written application, on a form provided by the Board. The information contained in the application shall be verified by affidavit of the applicant. Along with the application, an applicant shall also submit a nonrefundable fee for verification of educational courses/grades for college and a nonrefundable examination fee, as provided by §78.6 of this title (relating to Fees and Charges for Public Information). Upon successfully passing the examination, an applicant shall submit a fee for a new license as provided in §78.6 of this title. The amount of the fee shall be prorated from the month of examination to the birth month of the applicant.

(c) Applications for examination must be legibly printed in ink or typewritten on the board form, which will be furnished by the board upon request.

(d) Within 30 days of receiving the completed application, required supporting materials, and required fees, the board shall provide to the applicant a notification of the applicant's status regarding their qualification to take the jurisprudence examination.

(e) The filing of an application and tendering of the fees to the board shall not in any way obligate the board to admit the applicant to examination until such applicant has been approved by the board as meeting the statutory requirements for admission to the examination for licensure.

(f) Any person furnishing false information on such application shall be denied the right to take the examination, or if the applicant has been licensed before it is made known to the Board of the falseness of such information, such license shall be subject to suspension, revocation or cancellation in accordance with the Chiropractic Act, Occupations Code §201.501.

(g) Applicants seeking licensure may be refused admission to the practice of chiropractic for certain prohibited acts in accordance with Chiropractic Act, Occupations Code §201.502.


Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State on July 2, 2015.

Earliest possible date of adoption: August 16, 2015

Source:  http://www.sos.state.tx.us/texreg/archive/July172015/Proposed%20Rules/22.EXAMINING%20BOARDS.html#29