Low Vitamin D Levels Common in Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
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Friday, July 10, 2015 05:28 PM

Painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy is associated with significantly reduced vitamin D levels, independent of sunlight exposure, a new study finds.

The study suggests a possible role of vitamin D in the pathogenesis of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy and therefore a potential role of supplementation in its treatment.

Previous studies demonstrating a link between low vitamin D and neuropathy have not accounted for seasonal differences in vitamin D nor for activity variations that affect vitamin D exposure. This is the first study to carefully control for those factors.

"There are now convincing data that low vitamin D levels predispose to developing type 2 diabetes.…Even though we may not have the definitive evidence for diabetic neuropathy or prediabetic neuropathy, it's highly likely that it's predisposing you to developing diabetes, and there's an association with worsening diabetes early in the disease, and it probably is affecting neuropathy as well,” one commenter said. He checks vitamin D levels in all his patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and that over 90% have low levels, so he gives them all supplements.

Authors noted that a large randomized clinical trial of vitamin D would probably have to be funded by the government or other interested party rather than the pharmaceutical industry. "The key problem is, nobody is going to make money from vitamin D [research and development], so nobody's pushing it. It's extremely cheap."

Source:  http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/846044