Standard Process Inc. Launches New Online Patient Ordering Platform
Written by Editor   
Thursday, May 14, 2015 12:00 AM

Standard Process Inc. is always looking for ways to help health care professionals grow their nutritional practices while improving the lives of their patients. The company’s newest health solution, Patient Direct™ by Standard Process, is an online patient ordering platform that makes it easy for health care professionals to offer Standard Process, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas and MediHerb® supplements to their patients in a convenient way.

“By listening to our health care professional customers, we know they struggle with patient compliance and long-term supplement protocols,” said Tammi Geiger, Standard Process’ director of marketing. “We needed to find an easy way for patients to order recommended supplements while making the process efficient for health care professionals.”

Once a health care professional and their patient meet and agree to a nutritional protocol, the health care professional grants access to Patient Direct where the patient can order Standard Process, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas for their cats, dogs and horses, and MediHerb supplements online. Ordering is fast and convenient, and products are delivered right to the patient’s home. At any time, a patient can view and track their order online using Patient Direct.

Patient Direct gives health care professionals the ability to access, view, and change a patient’s online ordering account. By using this new tool, health care professionals may see a positive effect on patient compliance because patients can reorder supplements on their own. In offices where space is at a premium, Patient Direct enables health care professionals to dedicate inventory space to their most frequently used Standard Process, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas and MediHerb supplements, while still giving patients convenient access to every product in the product catalogs.

Since its founding in 1929 by Dentist Royal Lee, Standard Process has partnered with health care professionals to provide patients synergistic formulas made with whole food ingredients that deliver targeted nutritional support. Standard Process believes health care professional guidance plays a vital part in improving overall wellness.

“It is the health care professional’s experience and ability to explain the complexity of the whole food ingredients in the supplements that gives patients the support they need,” Geiger said.