Does Pilates Make You Taller?
Written by Editor   
Friday, April 17, 2015 12:00 AM

Pilates strengthens your core, but does it also make you taller?  According to a former Miss World, the exercises added some height on her 5-foot-9 frame.  “I've stretched out about half-an-inch through Pilates,” Rosanna Davison reported.  But don’t confuse “Pilates makes you taller” with “Pilates helps you grow,” explains Dr. Karen Erickson, a New York chiropractor and spokeswoman for the American Chiropractic Association.

“It won’t lengthen your bones,” she said.  However, poor posture, perhaps caused by hours of sitting hunched over a desk, does make people appear shorter, Erickson explained.

Pilates, which emphasizes strengthening and stretching muscles, corrects posture problems by improving alignment and keeping your spine healthy.  Most of us walk around as a constantly compressed version of ourselves.  “(Pilates) would get you to your optimal or original height.”

Another myth is that you need to be flexible to start taking Pilates. This isn’t the case.  “You gain flexibility, but that’s an end product that you should come for. You just need to be able to follow directions.”  But don’t go into a class assuming Pilates is a lazy person’s workout because you’re on a mat, or that you won’t break a sweat.  “It is relaxing when you are finished – not when you are doing it,” she adds.