Effect of Chiropractic on Reaction Time of Special Operations Forces Military Personnel
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019 05:53 PM

Chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) has been shown to improve reaction time in some clinical studies. Slight changes in reaction time can be critical for military personnel, such as special operation forces (SOF). This trial was conducted to test whether CMT could lead to improved reaction and response time in combat-ready SOF-qualified personnel reporting little or no pain.

This prospective, randomized controlled trial was conducted at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Fort Campbell, KY, USA. Active-duty US military participants over the age of 19 years carrying an SOF designation were eligible. Participants were randomly allocated to CMT or wait-list control. One group received four CMT treatments while the other received no treatment within the 2-week trial period. One hundred and seventy-five SOF-qualified personnel were screened for eligibility; 120 participants were enrolled, with 60 randomly allocated to each group. 

A single session of CMT was shown to have an immediate effect of reducing the time required for asymptomatic special operation forces (SOF) qualified personnel to complete a complex whole-body motor response task. However, sustained reduction in reaction or response time from five tests compared with a wait-list control group was not observed following three sessions of CMT.

Source:  http://chiro.org/wordpress/2019/01/effect-of-chiropractic-manipulative-therapy-on-reaction-time-in-special-operations-forces-military-personnel/