Introduced Legislation: HB 455, 460, 461
Written by Editor   
Sunday, December 09, 2018 08:44 PM

Some legislative bills are already being filed for the upcoming legislative session.  We will begin to report here on bills that may touch upon the chiropractic profession.

HB 455:  relating to policies on the recess period in public schools.  The proposal would require the development of model policies on the recess period during the school day that encourage constructive, age-appropriate outdoor playtime.  The policies would include the number of required minutes of weekly unstructured playtime and other requirements.

HB 460:  relating to the dispensing of certain drugs by physicians.  This proposal would allow licensed physicians to supply a patient with any drug, remedy, or clinical supply necessary to meet the patient's immediate needs, and would allow a physician may supply and dispense dangerous drugs to the physician's patients and charge the patients for the drugs

HB 461: relating to an exemption from civil liability for certain professionals for the disclosure of certain mental health information.  A professional may disclose such confidential information to approved personnel in good faith and be immune from civil liability in an action brought against the person for disclosing confidential information.