TCA Unveils New Mission, Vision and Values Statement
Written by Editor   
Friday, September 07, 2018 02:42 PM

The TCA Board of Directors voted at last month’s 2018 Summer Leadership Conference in San Antonio to update its mission, vision and values statements. TCA’s leadership strongly believes they better reflect what TCA is about as well as the association’s current direction and we hope you agree.

Mission Statement

The Texas Chiropractic Association supports, protects and advances doctors of chiropractic in the state of Texas. We serve the chiropractic profession with a never-ending spirit of dedication and commitment by expanding public access to chiropractic care.

Vision Statement

To be the premier organization in the state of Texas for the protection and advancement of the chiropractic profession.


C    Commitment   Of service to doctors of chiropractic.
H   Health                Promote healthy living in Texas.   
   Integrity             Committed service to all chiropractors equally.
R    Respect             To one another without prejudice.
O   Optimism           We will maintain a positive and optimistic attitude with every obstacle we encounter.

Thank you for being a TCA member and supporting our efforts to advance chiropractic in Texas!