CDI Is Great, But Don’t Forget the PAC
Written by Editor   
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 12:00 AM

Election Day is November 6. Even though there’s no presidential race in 2018, this election season is pivotal to all Texans and, more specifically, to Texas chiropractors.

With the Texas Chiropractic Association leading the charge, a record four pro-chiropractic bills were signed into law during the 2017 Texas Legislative Session. The next session, in 2019, will be even more pivotal for the future of the chiropractic profession in the Lone Star State.

TCA is already hard at work finalizing our legislative agenda, with the goal of authoring bills that will advance chiropractic and build on the momentum we’ve created. But it takes friends to get things done, elected officials who are willing to sponsor our bills and flex their political muscle for chiropractic.

That’s where the TCA Political Action Committee (TCA PAC) becomes critically important. The TCA PAC works to raise funds and make contributions to worthy candidates.

On the heels of our recent successes, now is the time to support candidates who will fight for chiropractic in the Legislature. With a couple of upsets in primaries and more than a dozen members of the Texas Legislature opting not to run for re-election, there’s going to be some turnover in the House and Senate. That means TCA must remain vigilant.

TCA is counting on you – and all of our members -- to become PAC donors. That means making an annual donation – or, better yet, a monthly contribution to the TCA PAC. If you’re already contributing to the Chiropractic Development Initiative (CDI), TCA’s other fundraising vehicle, you can add a PAC donation. You can donate to the PAC online, complete the PAC contribution form or call the TCA office at (512) 477-9292.

In addition, TCA is hosting PAC fundraisers for TCA-backed candidates across the state. If there’s a PAC event in your area, attend, bring a check for the candidate and invite another chiropractor. Your individual PAC donation supplements the contributions TCA makes to our top candidates.

Upcoming TCA-sponsored PAC receptions include:

  • Sen. Charles Perry (District 28) – Thursday, July 19, 6:30 p.m., Helton Chiropractic (10611 Quaker Ave. Lubbock TX 79424)
  • Rep. Phil Stephenson (District 85) – Tuesday, July 31, 6 p.m., Hogan Chiropractic (16525 Lexington Blvd. #220, Sugar Land, TX 77479)

To RSVP for either event, please email [email protected] and mention the fundraiser.

More PAC receptions are planned this summer. Meanwhile, TCA will host several CDI/PAC fundraisers as part of the TCA Tour of Texas. District 7 is the next stop on the TCA Tour of Texas at 7 p.m. Friday, July 13, at Copper Creek Restaurant (4401 Loop 322, Abilene, TX 79602).

If you’re a TCA member who has contributed to CDI this year, thank you! We appreciate you setting an example for your chiropractic colleagues. But don’t forget about the TCA PAC! With only a few months before the general election, the clock is ticking. We’re counting on you!


Don White, DC
TCA Legislative Affairs Committee Chair