Americans Less Confident in Vaccine System
Written by Editor   
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 03:39 PM

The Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA) works to enhance chiropractic practice in Texas.  Attention to education and public health is one of the service points of the TCA.  Recently,  a survey commissioned by Research!America and the American Society of Microbiology found that Americans have less confidence in the U.S. vaccine system than they did a decade ago.

A little over 75% of respondents to the survey were confident in the current system in the U.S. for evaluating the safety of vaccines and recommendations for when they should be given.  This is down from nearly 85% in 2008.

Only slightly more than 66% said they were confident that the current system ensures an adequate supply of necessary vaccines to prevent shortages,   This is down from almost 80% in 2008. 

Only 59% “strongly" believed they had personally benefitted from vaccine development over the past half-century, a 16 percentage-point drop from 2008.

When asked how important they believe it is for parents to have their children vaccinated, just 90% of respondents said “very important" or "somewhat important," compared with 96% in 2008. "We can see that it's slipping ... [The result is] on the edge of being [statistically] significant.” said survey conductors.

Turning to other vaccines, 53% of respondents reported that they did not get the flu vaccine during the last flu season. Among these, 48% said they do not trust the flu vaccine, 40% said they do not feel they need it to prevent the flu, and 26% said the flu vaccine is not effective and therefore not worth getting.” 

61% of respondents agreed with the statement that parents who don’t vaccinate their children put both their children and their communities at risk.  This is up 10 percentage points from 2008. 

According to the survey, 45% of respondents do not think the public receives enough information from their doctors about vaccinations.  

The survey also asked about the idea of a universal flu vaccine; only 21% of respondents had heard about the idea. 

Data are consistent that people still trust their healthcare provider. A lot of it comes down to the one-on-one relationship the parent has with their provider; that’s what driving their decision to get vaccinated, or not.