Chiropractic Doctors to Gather in Dallas June 8-10
Written by Chris Dalrymple, D.C., F.I.C.C.   
Wednesday, May 09, 2018 11:29 AM

The Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA), the leading chiropractic professional association in Texas working to enhance chiropractic practice, education and public access, is busy making preparations for its annual meeting, the Chiro Texpo ’18 to be held June 8-10, in Dallas.    

full roster of educational seminars, events, fun and associational committee work will fill the weekend.  Come and learn.  Come and play.  Come and become aware of what it takes to help the chiropractic profession, your business and yourself.

Clinical seminars include:  * The Perfect Storm: The Path to Autism, ADHD and More;  * It’s All About the Brain: Research and Science on the Influence of a Chiropractic Adjustment;  * Chronic Pelvic Pain;  * Postural Neurology;  * Chiropractic Prone and the Integration of Acupuncture;  * Opioid Misuse in Special Populations.  

Business seminars include:  * The Business of Chiropractic, a New Doctor Seminar;  * The Texas Women’s Chiropractic Summit;  * A-Z for the Chiropractic Assistant.    

Also, seminars are offered for:  * TBCE Hours;  * The Ethics of Informed Consent;  * The Successful Financial Report of Findings;  * Medicare: Lemons to Lemonade; and  * The Fraud Lawsuit by Auto Payers Against a Chiropractor – Are PI Provider Networks Next?  

Events include: * Breakfasts and networking breaks; * Fundraising auctions; * Exhibitor’s Bingo; * The association’s annual meeting; * A Career Fair; * Alumni Receptions * The ever popular Chiro College Cup challenge; * Board meetings; * Committee meetings; * The President’s Gala Banquet; and much more.  

There will be no lack of things to enjoy at Chiro Texpo ’18!  Register TODAY and make your hotel reservations NOW to enjoy the experience that is Chiro Texpo ’18. 

Until the dates are finalized, reserve the weekends in early June of 2019 for Chiro Texpo ’19 .  It will be equally tremendous, and you will want to learn of what transpired during the 2019 Texas Legislature.