What is a Doctor?
Written by Jeff Jenkins   
Thursday, December 14, 2017 01:36 PM

The word “doctor” means ‘teacher.’  A doctor is meant firstly to teach him or her self. We were expected to read on our own, continually, throughout school and into the rest of our lives. 

That is why, among us, the number of papers we have published matters. It is proof we are still intellectually engaged, that we are thinking about applied human biology, and not just acting like knowledge parasites: learning what others discovered and using it.  If you’re a doctor, you’re supposed to be learning the rest of your life. Willingly, with dignity. Not pouting and declaring ultimatums and asking for rewards, like a kid going back to school after summer break. Doctors get no summer breaks. School is never out.

A doctor is then meant to share his learning to educate his patients. This is hard, mostly because the human body is complex, and if he or she cannot break a concept down to simple words for the patient, he or she hasn’t really understood it in the first place.  The real skill lies in knowing what to leave out of the narrative, not what to put in. A doctor almost always knows much more than he says. The real skill is more than mere knowledge, it is the ability to make use of that knowledge in an experienced and just way.

A doctor is meant to educate our juniors passing down our values to those who follow.

All the other reasons for a doctor’s existence arise out of these. If we are intellectually curious we will, along the way, realize that we know stuff and that people will pay us to use that knowledge to help them. Patients will pay to feel safe and to get well. Students will pay to get in so they get to observe us in action and listen to our explainations. And journalists will pay to transfer knowledge to them, so they can create an illusion of knowledge, and disseminate confusion to the masses, who are mostly smarter than the people on the TV set talking down to them.

Doctors, by virtue of their profession, go from the biological-medical to the philosophical-theological faster than most other scientists do. No other profession combines the highest of technically complex science, and the lowest of human experiences like healthcare does. Not engineering, teaching, or warfare.  So it is that we, in attempting to understand health end up attempting to understand life.

A doctor is a complex being full of knowledge, hopefully full of understanding and wisdom, who shares these qualities with others to make them better and safer.

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