Victims of Cancer Doctor Could Receive $4.1M
Written by Editor   
Saturday, November 25, 2017 05:56 PM

An expert is recommending approval of $4.1 million in claims, including $2 million in funeral costs, filed by victims of a Detroit-area doctor who committed fraud by putting hundreds of patients through needless cancer treatments.  The medical doctor is serving a 45-year prison sentence for fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. He admitted putting patients through grueling chemotherapy — even when they didn’t have cancer. Attorneys said 81% of 741 claims are fully or partly eligible for restitution.

The doctor's victims can seek reimbursement for funeral costs, remedial health care and mental health treatment. Out-of-pocket costs paid to the doctor and his clinics are also eligible for repayment.  Pain and suffering and lost wages, however, aren't covered.

The judge said patients and families are first in line for restitution, followed by insurers and Medicare.