Participate in Chiropractic Research
Thursday, May 29, 2014 08:53 AM

I am Dr. Ward from Texas Chiropractic College (TCC).  We are trying to engage in a survey research study of African American use of Chiropractic and publish the findings in a journal.  Unfortunately, no one has taken the time to develop a demographic profile of this important population.   

We are looking to distribute a few stamped and self-addressed envelope surveys to doctors, to distribute to their African American chiropractic patients.  We are trying to get 20 doctors to participate total and 11 have already started helping us. I need to send surveys out to 8 more doctors and then I will have reached our recruitment goal for the study.  Any help is appreciated. 

If you are interested in helping us with this research  we can send you a few anonymous stamped self-addressed surveys to distribute.  Thank you for your valuable time.

John Ward, DC, MA, MS
Associate Professor/Research Fellow
Texas Chiropractic College
5912 Spencer Highway
Pasadena, TX 77505