DCs and Merchant Mariner Exams
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Wednesday, April 05, 2017 02:50 PM

News bite:  Closed minded US Coast Guard medical advisory committee members have closed the possibility that DCs could perform certification examinations for merchant mariners.

For the past 4 years, TeamCME has expended a significant effort to initiate a change in U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Policy to allow DCs to perform the Merchant Mariner physical exam. At the Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee (MEDMAC) of the USCG, there are medical profession panel members who will not accept, under any conditions and regardless of any evidence, that DCs are capable to perform the merchant mariner physical. At their last meeting the panel members voted against recommending a change that would allow certified DCs to provide the Merchant Mariner physical exam.  

Had USCG Administrators decided to move forward without a MEDMAC recommendation it’s likely a change would have been achieved. Until the MEDMAC panel reopens it, this issue is closed until key members of the current MEDMAC panel have been replaced. How long will it be before we go back to the MEDMAC.  At the longest, as many as 5 years, but in the mean time, we will watch for replacement appointments of those “key" members. 

This unwavering bias by certain members of the MEDMAC panel must eventually change.  TeamCME reports that it is keeping watch. TeamCME is a group of dedicated, motivated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Certified Medical Examiners with the common goal to provide a superior, consistent, safety conscious DOT physical exam with the best pricing available.

Source:  TeamCME, March 23, 2017